Meet the Lambs!

Spring at the farm has been full and eventful! At the end of February we brought home our pregnant sheep Lolly and Hay Hay. We welcomed 3 lambs-a single female and twins, male and female, within a few hours of each other on Good Friday. 

The first baby was born at noon- and it went incredibly smooth. The second mama gave birth a few hours later after her labour stalled out when she thought the first baby was hers... I suppose a side affect of them going into labour at the exact same time. Thankfully all lambs pulled through, fed well and are growing rapidly.

It's been an adventure so far, and we are thankful for the mentorship of an experienced shepherd who has been alongside us to answer all of our questions and assist us when needed. What a gift!

We are looking forward to both meat in the fall and plenty of manure for the flower beds as needed.